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Call us for Exclusive Pricing | Free Shipping On Orders Over $1,000
Call us for Exclusive Pricing | Free Shipping On Orders Over $1,000


Discover beautifully crafted, premium quality home saunas designed for your lifestyle. Explore our selection of modular indoor saunas and fully assembled outdoor sauna cabins.

SaunaLife combines innovative engineering with meticulous craftsmanship to create spaces that are beautiful, comfortable, and built for a lifetime of enjoyment and good health. The level of quality and attention to detail that goes into each design is off the charts.

SaunaLife Ergo Barrel Saunas

As pioneers of durability, quality, and innovation in barrel sauna manufacturing, SaunaLife's Ergo Series represents the gold standard for American consumers seeking elite European-crafted models.

Constructed from Thermowood - lumber thermally-modified through an advanced process to exponentially strengthen its resilience against humidity and decay - the Ergo range lasts over twice as long as traditional cedar barrel saunas.

What sets SaunaLife barrels apart from it's competitors?

  • All models include a black shingle roof kit for weather-tight installation
  • Tempered Glass front doors with the option of back windows or a full glass front
  • WiFI controlled LED lighting included on all models
  • Constructed from European Thermowood - Which lasts twice as long as cedar
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Ergo series can be fitted with an electric sauna heater or a wood burning sauna stove with a range of brands available including HUUM, Harvia and Saunum.

SaunaLife Garden Series- Outdoor Sauna Kits

These Modern designs come either as a DIY kit that for you to build at home or as pre-assembled sauna's that can be dropped into place with no construction required. 

SaunaLife Cabin Kits

The SaunaLife models G2 and G4 come as DIY kit lets you create an authentic, premium-quality Scandinavian sauna in your backyard. Using interlocking exterior spruce wall sections that fit tightly together  (like the construction of a log cabin) these providing incredible strength and rigidity and allow for a two-tier bench layout inside.

SaunaLife Pre-Assembled Cabins

The G6 and G7S Models  required no assembly, providing the benefits of quality craftsmanship without the hassle of construction. The interior is lined with high-grade Alder wood for a plush feel, while the exterior features precision-cut, black-painted Spruce for a striking appearance. A double-glazed front wall of clear tempered

The unit boasts insulated walls and double-glazed windows for maximum thermal performance. Additionally, a rainwater system is incorporated to ensure long-lasting protection from the elements.

SaunaLife Indoor Saunas

The SaunaLife Xperience Series offers the essence of Nordic tradition in the comfort of your home. Available in a range of sizes to allow fit your needs, from 1-2 person capacity all the way up to 6 person. Unlike most indoor saunas these models do not use infrared heaters but come with a range of electrical heater options to create a truly authentic sauna experience.

Simple and easy DIY assembly, the sauna kits come with pre-assembled components for a hassle-free setup. All our SaunaLife range come with an advanced WiFi controlled lighting system with optional mood lighting upgrades.