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Call us for Exclusive Pricing | Free Shipping On Orders Over $1,000

Harvia Sauna Heaters

Harvia, a titan in the sauna industry, provides a range of top-notch electric sauna heaters known for their durability and performance. With a Harvia sauna room heater, you can look forward to consistent heat throughout your sauna session. If you're after either an authentic wood-burning stove or electric sauna stove, Harvia offer the perfect solution in a range of different KW sizes.

Choosing your Harvia heater

Wood burning vs electric

Wood-burning heaters provide a traditional, rustic ambiance with the aroma of burning wood and the enjoyment of watching the fire crackle. However, they require more preparation time and take longer to heat up. Electric heaters offer convenience, precise temperature control, and faster heating times. The choice depends on personal preference, available space, desired experience, and practicalities like firewood availability and electrical installation.

What size heater do you need?

Consult the table below to help you pick the correct model. 


Heater Type Best for Sauna size Model
Electric Convenience and ease 100 - 210 ft³ KIP 4.5
141 - 294 ft³ KIP 6
The Wall 6
Cilindro 6
176 ft³ - 318 ft³ Spirit 6
250 - 425 ft³ KIP 8
The Wall 8
Cilindro 8
282 - 494 ft³ Spirit 9
Cilindro 10
318 - 636 ft³ Cilindro 10.5
Wood burning Ambience and aesthetic 212 ft³- 460 ft³ Harvia M3
Harvia Legend 150
353 ft³- 847 ft³ Harvia Legend 240


Unsure which DROP Model you need? Check our handy chart below to help you work out the right size for your sauna.