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Spring Sale on Now | $100 with code SPRING100 | Free Shipping Over $1,000
Spring Sale on Now | $100 discount with code SPRING100 | Free Shipping Over $1,000


Jasper Knight of Secret Sauna Meeting Sauna Industry Leaders


Hi, we’re Jasper and Imogen, a couple with a sauna and ice bathing obsession!


Sweating in a wooden box followed by a dip in freezing cold water didn’t exactly pique our interest when we first heard it. “You gotta try it” our Airbnb host told us when we first visited Finland in 2018. Considering the fact Finns are known as some of the happiest people on the planet, we thought, why not give it a go?  

There’s something about submerging yourself in icy water that changes your brain. I don’t mean the borderline insanity of what you’re actually doing, but the way the experience changes how you think during and after the plunge. As you slip into that cold, dark water the world just quietens down, you stop thinking so much and become beautifully aware of your surroundings. As you get out your movements seem slow, with the whole body feeling relaxed and your mind quietly focused.


Embarking on our initial venture into the world of saunas and cold plunges was nothing short of transformative. The profound relaxation, coupled with the invigorating chill of the plunge, embedded a compelling need within us to integrate this experience into our daily lives, leading us to buy our very first home sauna within a month of returning from our trip.

As we welcomed friends and family to join us for a sauna session and they experienced the relaxing benefits it seemed that a spark was ignited in each one of them. Soon, numerous friends were reaching out, asking advice on buying their first sauna...

This revealed an undeniable truth to us. There lay a ubiquitous, yet unrealized, desire for home saunas, waiting to be uncovered only after a first-hand experience of its profound impact.

Subtly yet surely, our mission arose – to extend this experience to homes across America. We stand staunch in our belief that the daily lives of individuals can be significantly improved by introducing them to the genuine sauna experience deeply rooted in Finnish and Estonian traditions. It's not merely about the physical warmth but a warmth that permeates through communal bonds, shared stories, and unified well-being. So in 2023, Secret Saunas was launched.


Every product offered in our store has been sourced from the most reputable suppliers in the world. We exclusively offer American, Canadian or European manufactured products that have been crafted to the highest standards and every product comes with a comprehensive warranty against defects and damage. 



Dundalk LeisureCraft

Canadian Cedar saunas, hand made in Ontario.


Finnish sauna heaters from the worlds largest heater manufacturer.

Sauna Life

Estonian made saunas for all environments including indoor, outdoor barrels and even pre-assembled models.


Estonian sauna heaters, inspired by nature and manufactured in Northern Europe

Finnmark Designs Worlds hottest infrared saunas reaching 170-degress Fahrenheit. Made in the USA with advanced infrared and hybrid heating technology


Sleek designed bucket and ladles along with other sauna accessories


We do not offer any Chinese or Asian manufactured saunas and all shipments are made from inside the United States or Canada.


Our customers are anyone looking to bring that cozy, unwinding sauna vibe right into their own homes. Some of them are after a super convenient spot to chill out after a hectic day, while others might be hunting for a secret little escape where the world’s noise just... fades away. Whether they’re looking to have a heart-to-heart with their partner, a relaxed giggle with friends, or simply enjoy some precious 'me-time', our mission is all about making that happen. We’re here, helping them create not just a place, but their very own snug corner where memories are made and life just gets that bit sweatier.


We are an online only retailer and all orders made through our website are packaged and shipped directly from our suppliers. This allows us to ensure the fastest possible delivery, lower costs to our customers and reduced environmental impact from moving stock between distribution centres.