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Spring Sale on Now | $100 discount with code SPRING100 | Free Shipping Over $1,000

2 Person Saunas | Indoor & Outdoor Saunas | 2-Person Infrared Saunas 

Sharing a sauna with a partner, friend or family member can be a fun and memorable experience. Two person saunas come in both infrared and traditional styles and both indoor and outdoor options. All saunas in our shop come with standard free shipping.

2 Person Sauna - Indoor Saunas

Two person indoor saunas allow you to immerse yourself in cleansing dry heat up to 195F. They require more space but deliver an intense experience. Opt for a sauna with a traditional sauna heater and make sure you buy a dual bucket/ladle water pouring options. This allows you to independently control the amount of steam.

Benefits include detoxification, cardio health, stress relief, and social bonding. Be sure to cool off slowly and stay hydrated.

2-Person Infrared Saunas

Far Infrared saunas use light waves to generate a deep, detoxifying sweat at lower temperatures than steam. The two person capacity models comfortably hold 2 adults while remaining compact.

Look for a model with separate control panels and zone heating. This allows each person to customize the infrared intensity and area focus. Low EMF carbon/ceramic emitters are safer.

Full Spectrum infrared saunas promote relaxation, immunity, and circulation. You’ll both emerge feeling relaxed, renewed and re-energized.

Two Person Outdoor Saunas - Traditional Steam Saunas

For a more intense sauna experience, traditional steam saunas immerse you in dry heat that reach temperatures of 180-200F. The combination of heat and humidity opens pores and induces an invigorating sweat. This provides both mental and physical relaxation.

Traditional saunas are usually located outdoors and require more power and ceiling height. Our range of personal steam sauna can comfortably fit two-persons. Most of these models come as sauna kits that require assembly on delivery and have an option of electric heaters or wood burning sauna stoves.

Two Person Sauna Brands


High quality European manufacture of barrel saunas, and indoor traditional saunas. SaunaLife do not make any infrared saunas and only offer products that use traditional heaters. These are high energy saunas that will require hard wiring to your home or garden.

FinnMark Designs

Derived from centuries of tradition, Finnmark saunas have stood the test of time. As the name suggests, these saunas originate from the region of Finnmark. Not only do they offer an authentic sauna experience, but they are the only manufacturer on the market that allows infrared sauna bathing at 170-degress Fahrenheit. 

Almost Heaven Saunas

Almost Heaven are the longest established sauna manufacturer in the US and part of the Harvia Group. With over four decades of Finnish-inspired craftsmanship, right from the heart of West Virginia their saunas are renowned for being both easy to assemble and reliable.

Golden Designs Saunas

Golden Designs are the a leading manufacture of infrared saunas in the use, specialising in carbon & ceramic low EMF heaters. They offer a range of infrared, hybrid and traditional saunas. These include the highly popular Dynamic & Maxxus models.