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Mid-Winter Sale on Now | $100 Off New Orders | Free Shipping Over $1,000
Midwinter Sale on Now | $100 Off New Orders | Free Shipping Over $1,000

Outdoor Shower Kits | Free Standing Cedar Showers

An outdoor shower is a wonderful addition to any backyard patio, pool area, or garden. Pre-built cedar wood shower enclosures allow you to easily install a rustic yet stylish bathing fixture next to your sauna, pool or hot tub. The privacy wall blocks views while still allowing sunlight in to the open-air shower space. Luxury shower heads provide a gentle rinse with designer options like hand-held, rainfall, or adjustable height available to suit your height or bathing style. For easy DIY installation, select a freestanding outdoor shower kit which can simply attach to your home's exterior faucet or spigot hookup. Copper pipes and fixtures add a designer flair giving your garden a beach house vibe.


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