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Spring Sale on Now | $100 discount with code SPRING100 | Free Shipping Over $1,000

HUUM Wood Burning Sauna Stoves

Experiencing the gentle hiss as water cascades over sauna stones, followed by the enveloping warmth, is truly unparalleled. In Finland, this sensation has a name: Löyly, signifying the invigorating heat and steam generated when water meets heated sauna rocks.

HUUM's wood-burning sauna stoves are distinguished by their sophisticated furnace design, promoting both efficient and green wood consumption. Premium-grade materials are employed to assure the stoves' endurance and lasting performance.

The Stove is the Heart of the Sauna

The Stove is the Heart of the Sauna

For those embarking on their home sauna adventures, the importance of the stove swiftly becomes evident. It is, without a doubt, the sauna's soul.

While not all are drawn to wood-burning stoves, traditionalists revel in the subtle crackling of burning wood and the aromatic hint of wood-smoke that greets you upon opening the sauna door. This sensory experience immerses one in a serene ambiance, momentarily disconnecting from the outside world. The soft heat emanates, and the firelight's flicker paints ethereal patterns on the ground.

HUUM's wood-burning sauna stoves are distinguished by their sophisticated furnace design, promoting both efficient and green wood consumption. Premium-grade materials are employed to assure the stoves' endurance and lasting performance.

Size - Choosing the Right Output

Each heater comes in varied kilowatt outputs to suit different sauna spaces. Not sure about the perfect fit for your space? Consult the chart below for guidance.

Wood Burning Sauna Heater Size Chart for HUUM Sauna Wood Stoves

Choosing Your HUUM Electric Sauna Heater

For those who cherish the authentic aroma of wood and the soft crackling sounds that enrich the sauna atmosphere, HUUM’s wood sauna heaters offer an unparalleled experience. Let’s delve into the heart of HUUM’s wood-fired sauna heaters and discover how they can elevate your sauna sessions to new heights of relaxation and authenticity.

HUUM HIVE HEAT & Wood Models

Key Benefits:

  • Pioneering furnace design
  • Efficient wood consumption
  • Gentle, enduring steam
  • 5-year warranty

HUUM HIVE Wood Series - 13kW & 17kW

HUUM Hive wood burning sauna stove

The HUUM HIVE Wood 13 and 17 heaters are masterpieces of sauna technology, designed to embody the essence of traditional sauna culture while incorporating contemporary design elements for enhanced durability and performance. The distinction between the two models lies in their heating capacity, with the HIVE Wood 13 catering to saunas from 212 to 459 cubic feet, and the HIVE 17 designed for larger spaces, heating from 283 to 565 cubic feet.

Craftsmanship and Capacity

Both models are a testament to HUUM’s dedication to quality, featuring stainless steel components that ensure longevity and a substantial stone capacity that guarantees a rich and moist löyly. The HIVE Wood 13 and 17 not only stand out for their efficiency but also for their iconic beehive-shaped design, which not only provides aesthetic appeal but also enhances the distribution of heat and steam within the sauna.


HUUM HIVE Wood 13 - Secret Saunas

The HUUM HIVE Heat 12, though similar in appearance to its larger counterparts, is tailored for smaller saunas, offering a heating range from 212 to 459 cubic feet. Its unique structure promotes efficient burning by introducing fresh air from above, creating a robust flame that ensures quick heating and a consistent sauna experience. The HIVE Heat 12’s capacity to hold up to 199 pounds of stones ensures that sauna-goers can enjoy a deeply satisfying löyly.

HUUM HIVE LS Series: External loading options

Consideration of how you'll load wood into the stove is a crucial aspect often overlooked by purchasers. While most stoves are designed for wood loading from within the sauna, this requires you to step into the potentially scorching space each time you need to add a log.

For sauna enthusiasts who prioritize safety and authenticity, the HUUM HIVE LS 12 and 17 models introduce an innovative wood-loading system that allows for wood to be fed from outside the sauna. This not only maintains the purity of the air within the sauna space but also aligns with traditional Finnish sauna practices. The LS feature, combined with the heaters’ capacity to warm spaces efficiently and their robust design, marks a pinnacle in wood-fired sauna heater technology.

HUUM HIVE Heat LS 12 with Firebox Extension - Secret Saunas

Thru Ceiling and Thru-Wall Chimney Kits

Understanding the importance of safety and convenience in outdoor sauna setups, HUUM offers the Thru Ceiling and Thru-Wall chimney kits, designed to complement the wood-fired heaters perfectly. The Thru Ceiling kit is ideal for barrel saunas, ensuring that smoke and gases are vented upwards and away from sauna users, while the Thru-Wall kit offers flexibility for different architectural designs, providing a safe and efficient means of exhaust.

HUUM’s wood-fired sauna heaters and chimney kits stand as a testament to the brand’s commitment to blending the traditional sauna experience with modern innovation and design. Whether you’re drawn to the compact efficiency of the HIVE Heat 12, the traditional yet modern appeal of the HIVE Wood series, or the innovative LS models for an authentic Finnish sauna experience, HUUM offers a solution that brings the essence of wood-burning saunas into the contemporary wellness landscape.