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Call us for Exclusive Pricing | Free Shipping On Orders Over $1,000

 Indoor Saunas

Browse our range of premium indoor saunas from the most reputable brands on the market. Whether you're seeking the dry heat of a traditional Finnish sauna or the gentle warmth of an infrared system, our collection has something to suit every preference and budget.

Discover the Best Home Sauna Kits

Finding a premium two or three-person indoor sauna that blends seamlessly with your home's ambiance and caters to your relaxation needs can be a delightful journey. Renowned brands like Finnmark Designs, SaunaLife and SunRay Saunas offer an extensive directory of models for sale, each promising top-tier comfort and quality. Whether you're on the hunt for an a traditional European sauna like SaunaLife, or the advanced hybrid technology of Finnmark designs, there's a perfect sauna to meet your needs and turn your home into a personal spa.

Finnmark Designs - Advanced 1 - 2 Person Saunas

When considering a personal indoor sauna that blends seamlessly with your home's aesthetics, Finnmark Designs stands out as a leader in premium saunas. Not only do they offer an authentic sauna experience, but they are the only manufacturer on the market that allows infrared sauna bathing at 170-degress Fahrenheit. The best seller is usually the 2 person model with raised benches, with either full infrared heaters or as a hybrid model to allow the full steam experience. All Finnmark saunas come with Free shipping as standard.

SaunaLife - European made Finnish Saunas

The SaunaLife Xperience Series offers the essence of Nordic tradition in the comfort of your home. Available in a range of sizes to allow fit your needs, from 1-2 person capacity all the way up to 6 person. Unlike most indoor saunas these models do not use infrared heaters but come with a range of electrical heater options to create a truly authentic sauna experience.

Simple and easy DIY assembly, the sauna kits come with pre-assembled components for a hassle-free setup. All our SaunaLife range come with an advanced WiFi controlled lighting system with optional mood lighting upgrades. Be sure to check out the other SaunaLife ranges including barrel saunas and wood fired hot tubs.

SunRay Sauna - Indoor and Outdoor Sauna Rooms

SunRay Saunas specializes in the production of high-quality indoor and outdoor saunas across the United States. Their range includes various models, such as the compact SunRay 200LX 2-Person Rockledge Traditional Sauna and the more spacious SunRay HL400SN 4-Person Tiburon Traditional Sauna. These products are designed to offer comfort and relaxation, catering to different preferences with options for both infrared and traditional heat saunas. Constructed from premium Canadian hardwood, SunRay saunas are not only visually appealing but also built to last, ensuring longevity and durability.

SunRay Saunas are known for their sturdy construction, featuring tongue and groove panels that provide strength and simplify assembly. Many models come equipped with features like digital chromatherapy lighting, oxygen ionization, interior reading lamps, FM radio with CD player, and adjustable air vents, enhancing the sauna experience.

Indoor Sauna Heaters: Infrared Sauna Vs Traditional

Choosing between infrared sauna heaters and traditional sauna heaters for your 2 or 3-person indoor sauna depends on your preference for heat technology. Infrared saunas emit radiant heat through infrared, which directly warms the body, typically at lower temperature degrees than a customary sauna. On the other hand, traditional saunas will be equipped with electric sauna heater which uses elements to heat the stones and air to high temperatures allowing for much higher temperatures. Traditional saunas heaters also allow you to pour water over the rocks which increases the humidity and offers a more authentic sauna experience. 

Hybrid indoor saunas offer the best of both worlds, combining the gentle heat of infrared and the robust warmth of traditional heaters. When assessing pros and cons, it’s important to consider infrared's soothing warmth, which can be more comfortable for those sensitive to extreme heat, versus the comprehensive, enveloping temperature experience of traditional heaters. 

Infrared Indoor Sauna Heaters

Infrared saunas have become a prominent feature in home wellness, and installing a model designed for 3 persons can transform any indoor space into a premium relaxation zone. These saunas utilize infrared heaters, which emit FIR (far-infrared) heat, providing deep tissue warmth and delivering numerous health benefits. The gentle heat from an infrared sauna heater elevates the temperature to an optimal range, offering a more comfortable experience than traditional saunas. When considering infrared indoor saunas, it's essential to weigh the pros, such as improved circulation and detoxification, against the cons, including potential exposure to electromagnetic fields. However, brands like Finnmark Designs and SunRay Saunas are known for their commitment to safety, blending quality with the therapeutic advantages of an infrared sauna. Whether showcasing such heaters in your store or selecting one for your home, ensure it delivers consistent, safe, and efficient performance.

Traditional Indoor Sauna Heaters

When contemplating premium saunas tailored for home use, traditional saunas stand out for their authentic experience. Notably, a Harvia or HUUM Saunaheater, exemplifies the quintessence of traditional sauna heaters, bringing forth a profound heat that's synonymous with relaxation and wellness. The allure of wood-fired heat within the confines of your indoor haven is irresistible, as these heaters envelop up to three persons in warmth that can soar to invigorating degrees. The Harvia brand is synonymous with durability and performance in the realm of traditional saunas—whereas HUUM put their focus on the elegant designs and soft long lasting steam.

Hybrid Indoor Saunas - Adding the Spa Steam

Revolutionizing the realm of relaxation and recovery, hybrid indoor saunas combine the best of both worlds by integrating traditional sauna heaters with the cutting-edge innovation of infrared sauna heaters. These models are exquisitely designed to fit comfortably within your indoor sanctuary, accommodating up to three persons. With a model from a premium sauna product line, you can customize your experience, toggling between the high-temperature embrace of traditional heaters and the penetrating warmth of infrared. Temperature control is at your fingertips, ensuring your indoor sauna session is tailored precisely to your recovery needs. Whether you're seeking the robust heat of a traditional model or the gentler, but equally therapeutic, infrared option, our hybrid indoor saunas offer a versatile solution to rejuvenate your body and mind.

Installation Support for Your New Indoor Sauna

When you opt to add an indoor sauna to your home, choosing a high-quality model like those from Premium Saunas can offer a haven for relaxation and recovery. With our comprehensive installation support, setting up your three-person sauna is streamlined and stress-free. Our team assists you from delivery to the final touches, ensuring all components fit perfectly in your designated space. We understand that while the pros of having an indoor sauna are numerous—from detoxification to improving circulation—the cons, often related to installation challenges, can deter some. That's why we’re here to facilitate every step, confirming your heaters and accessories are correctly assembled and functional. Our post-installation support continues, providing you with the confidence needed to maintain your product for years to come. Trust us to bring the bliss of a premium sauna into the heart of your home, with installation support that's just as warm as the sauna itself.

Other Indoor Sauna Brands

While we would love you to buy your indoor sauna from us we cannot always offer all the brands on the market, so here are two other brands that we hope to partner with in the future and we would highly recommend their products.

Almost Heaven - American Made Personal Saunas

You can't say sauna in America with without mentioning Almost Heaven. They are the longest established sauna manufacturer in the US and part of the Harvia Group. With over four decades of Finnish-inspired craftsmanship, right from the heart of West Virginia their saunas are renowned for being both easy to assemble and reliable.

Golden Designs / Dynamic / Maxxus - Low EMF far Infrared Saunas

Dynamic, Maxxus and Golden Designs saunas are all manufactured by the same company. Their saunas are crafted  from Canadian hemlock wood, combining durability with natural aesthetics. These saunas are designed for low EMF exposure, featuring privacy glass and Chromotherapy lighting for a serene experience. The advanced infrared heating technology uses energy-efficient panels with low EMF PureTech™ technology, ensuring a gentle and effective heat. Comfort is further enhanced by floor heaters and Bluetooth capability, making these saunas a blend of safety, innovation, and relaxation.