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Call us for Exclusive Pricing | Free Shipping On Orders Over $1,000

Finnmark - Full-spectrum Infrared Saunas

Derived from centuries of tradition, Finnmark saunas have stood the test of time. As the name suggests, these saunas originate from the region of Finnmark. Not only do they offer an authentic sauna experience, but they are the only manufacturer on the market that allows infrared sauna bathing at 170-degress Fahrenheit. 

Traditional vs. Infrared Saunas: What's the Difference?

Traditional saunas, often associated with Finnish sauna designs, heat the room through electric sauna heaters or wood fired sauna stoves. The resulting steam produces an encompassing warmth. On the other hand, infrared saunas use infrared heaters to emit a direct heat, warming the body rather than the entire room. These are often more compact in design and make an ideal two person sauna.

The Rise of the Combination Sauna

Combination saunas are an exciting innovation, blending the best of traditional and infrared designs. Finnmark have pioneered hybrid saunas to include a small electric sauna heater allowing you to add water and generate steam while also including infrared sauna panels to allow quick and efficient heating as well as the numerous health benefits. This truly offers a comprehensive wellness routine, all in one beautiful sauna cabin.

Understanding Infrared Heaters

Spectrum Plus™ infrared heaters and Incoloy heaters are cutting-edge infrared heaters for deep penetrating heat. The Finnmark infrared sauna incorporates these heaters, ensuring they are some of the healthiest and longest-lasting saunas on the market.

The Influence of Sauna Design on Your Experience

The Finnmark Designs Sauna Intricately blends tradition with innovation. It’s not just about the heat; it's about the atmosphere, the ambiance, and the aesthetic. From outdoor saunas to home saunas with infrared, each design is built to enhance your sauna experience.

Why Opt for a Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna?

Full-spectrum infrared offers an all-encompassing warmth, reaching parts of your body that traditional saunas might miss. Not only can you enjoy the benefits of infrared but Finnmark saunas also include red light therapy for your perfect sauna.

Barrel Saunas and Custom Sauna Kits: Expanding Choices

For the traditionalists, the idea of a hybrid of infrared sauna might not be that compelling. However we have range of traditional barrel saunas to custom sauna kits with wood burning sauna heaters. Browse our range of Barrel Sauna and Outdoor Saunas to find your perfect design.

The Ultimate Sauna Experience: What Should You Expect?

The Finnmark saunas experience combines warmth, therapy, and wellness with the Finnmark Trinity sauna. From the gentle embrace of steam to the penetrating warmth of infrared, every session promises to take your self-care and wellness to the next level.

Advanced Infrared Accessories: Elevate Your Experience

Complete your sauna with top-of-the-line infrared accessories. Whether you're in search of UL listed spectrum infrared heaters or seeking to introduce red light therapy to your routine, there's an accessory tailored for you.

Making an Informed Choice: Quality Saunas for Every Home

Choosing a sauna is a personal journey. As the market expands, remember that Finnmark offers the highest quality saunas, prized not just for their designs but also for their therapeutic benefits and durability.

Advantages of a Finnmark Infrared Sauna

  • Finnmark saunas are a blend of tradition and innovation.

  • Infrared technology offers direct heat, enhancing the sauna experience.

  • Combination saunas provide comprehensive wellness benefits.

  • Design influences the ambiance and overall sauna experience.

  • Quality, longevity, and health benefits are essential factors when choosing a sauna.