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Call us for Exclusive Pricing | Free Shipping On Orders Over $1,000

HUUM Electric Sauna Heaters

HUUM’s electric sauna heaters a designed in a way to unite age-old sauna wisdom with smart technology and Scandinavian aesthetics.

Whatever design you're looking for HUUM will have you covered. From the fluid, sculptural DROP which mounts discreetly on walls to the stately free-standing HIVE which acts as a dramatic centerpiece. 

All HUUM models are designed to showcase the large stone capacity which helps radiate a gentle, lingering heat and steam. The brand has won international acclaim for this vision, including the prestigious Red Dot Design Award.

Choosing Your HUUM Electric Sauna Heater


HUUM DROP Sauna Heater

The story of HUUM’s journey into the sauna industry is as captivating as the design of its first sauna heater, the HUUM DROP. This innovative electric heater, born from a collaboration with the Estonian Academy of Art, marries functionality with a striking aesthetic inspired by the simplicity and purity of a water droplet. The DROP series includes models designed for varying sauna sizes, ensuring that every sauna enthusiast can find their perfect match.

Customization and Capacity

The DROP series is lauded for its customization options, including the addition of the HUUM UKU, a smart control that automates your electric heater, offering convenience and efficiency. Available in 4, 5, 6, and 9 kW models, the DROP heaters cater to a wide range of sauna sizes, from intimate 350 cubic feet spaces to more expansive 530 cubic feet rooms. The hallmark of the DROP series is its large stone capacity, which ensures a gentle, lasting löyly, embodying the essence of the traditional sauna experience.

HUUM HIVE Mini Series

HUUM HIVE Mini 6 - Secret Saunas

For those who prefer their sauna heaters to stand elegantly on the floor, the HUUM HIVE Mini series offers a perfect solution. Unlike the wall-mounted DROP, the HIVE Mini heaters are designed to be floor-standing, making them a great centerpiece between sauna benches. Mimicking the intricate design of a beehive, these heaters pack a punch in heating efficiency while maintaining a compact footprint.

Heating Capacities and Design

Available in 6, 9, and 11 kW models, the HIVE Mini series is suited for small to medium-sized saunas. Each model is carefully crafted to heat specific cubic spaces, ensuring that every sauna session is perfectly warmed. The sleek design of the HIVE Mini, coupled with its functionality, makes it a favored choice for sauna aficionados looking for both style and substance.


HUUM Hive Sauna Heater

When it comes to heating larger saunas, the HUUM HIVE series stands ready to deliver. These models, simply larger versions of the HIVE Mini, are designed to accommodate more extensive sauna spaces without compromising on design or heating quality. The HIVE 12, 15, and 18 kW models can heat saunas ranging from 880 to a generous 1,230 cubic feet, making them ideal for commercial spaces or large family homes.

HUUM UKU: Smart Sauna Controls

The innovation doesn’t stop at heaters. The HUUM UKU control system introduces a level of convenience and safety previously unseen in sauna technology. With the addition of Wi-Fi, users can pre-heat their saunas remotely, ensuring an optimal temperature upon arrival. The UKU control system also prioritizes safety with features like overheating protection and a child safety lock, providing peace of mind alongside convenience.

HUUM electric sauna heaters, through their innovative design and smart technology, embody the evolution of the sauna experience. Whether you’re drawn to the DROP’s droplet-inspired elegance, the HIVE Mini’s compact power, or the HIVE’s capacity for larger spaces, HUUM offers a solution that marries tradition with the cutting edge. Coupled with the UKU control system, a HUUM sauna heater isn’t just a purchase; it’s an investment in unparalleled relaxation and wellness, bringing the ancient art of sauna into the modern age.