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Call us for Exclusive Pricing | Free Shipping On Orders Over $1,000

Wood Burning Sauna Stoves | Sauna Wood Stove

Sauna Wood Stove - The Heart of the Sauna

For those embarking on their home sauna adventures, the importance of finding the best wood burning sauna stove swiftly becomes evident. It is, without a doubt, the sauna's soul. While not all are drawn to wood fired saunas, traditionalists revel in the subtle crackling of burning wood and the aromatic hint of wood-smoke that greets you upon opening the sauna door. This sensory experience immerses one in a serene ambiance, momentarily disconnecting from the outside world. The soft heat emanates, and the firelight's flicker paints ethereal patterns on the ground.

HUUM' sauna wood burning stoves are distinguished by their sophisticated furnace design, promoting both efficient and green wood consumption. Premium-grade materials are employed to assure the stoves' endurance and lasting performance.

Harvia wood stove for sauna have stood the test of time. As the oldest sauna heater manufacturer they offer the most reliable models on the market at affordable prices.

Cozy Heat offer the most efficient wood sauna stoves on the market, utilizing 25%-40% less energy than other brands. These models also offer much smaller safety distances and have a wide range of models to choose from.

Size - Choosing the Right Output for your sauna wood stove

Each heater comes in varied kilowatt outputs to suit different sauna spaces. Not sure about the perfect fit for your space? Consult the chart below for guidance.

Wood Burning Sauna Heater Size Chart for HUUM Sauna Wood Stoves

Loading - Interior vs Exterior Wood Loading options

Consideration of how you'll load wood into the stove is a crucial aspect often overlooked by purchasers. While most wood fired sauna heaters are designed for loading from within the sauna, this requires you to step into the potentially scorching space each time you need to add a log.

All our brands offer external feed options, enabling you to add wood without entering the sauna. The choice boils down to what suits your comfort and preference best!

We have a wide range of sauna wood burning stoves, all with free USA shipping. If you're unsure what model you'll need for your sauna please contact our experts on (844) 933-2021