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Call us for Exclusive Pricing | Free Shipping On Orders Over $1,000

HUUM Sauna Heaters

Drawing from generations of Estonian sauna stove-building heritage, HUUM sauna heaters uniquely unite age-old sauna wisdom with contemporary Scandinavian aesthetics and smart technology for an elevated sauna experience.

Each minimalist HUUM sauna heater and stove holds an exceptionally generous stone load, spotlighting the olivine stones while keeping the clean metallic framework virtually unseen. The ample rocks radiate gentle, lingering heat and löyly steam, just as the forefathers intended saunas to be.

The Complete Guide to HUUM Sauna Heaters, Stoves & Controllers

This vision has already won HUUM international acclaim, including the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. As HUUM sauna solutions grace high-end wellness centers and homes worldwide with their sculptural presence, they reveal how this brand continually forges new frontiers where age-old sauna craft and cutting-edge Scandinavian design intersect.

HUUM is a leading designer of premium sauna stoves, heaters, and smart controls. Combining ancient sauna wisdom with contemporary Nordic aesthetics and innovative technology, HUUM aims to elevate the traditional sauna experience.

This guide covers everything about the HUUM product range:

  • The HUUM Brand Story
  • How to Choose Your HUUM Sauna Stove or Heater
  • How to Order Your HUUM Sauna Solution
  • HUUM Saunas Around the World

The HUUM Brand Story

HUUM was founded by Siim Nellis, a descendant of generations of Estonian sauna stove builders. In 2011, Nellis challenged design students to help create a sauna solution that united age-old sauna principles with modern technology.

The result was the acclaimed HUUM Drop - an electric wall-mounted sauna heater shaped like a water droplet. Despite a compact body, it holds an ample 55kg of stones to generate quality heat and steam. Encouraged by the market response, HUUM proceeded to expand its design portfolio and invest in smart controls.

Today, HUUM stoves and heaters grace saunas globally, from luxury lodges to modest apartments. Production happens across Estonia's skilled metalworking clusters and retains a significant handcrafted element.

In 2020, heightened health awareness and homebound lifestyles caused a surge in demand for HUUM’s products. As a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and safety, operations continue despite the pandemic.

How to Choose Your HUUM Sauna Solution

Follow this 4-step guide to pick the right HUUM sauna stove or heater:

1. Calculate Required Power Output
2. Understand Your Electricity Supply
3. Choose a Style
4. Select Smart Controls (electric heaters only)

Carefully select your perfect HUUM sauna solution via this 4-step process:

1. Calculate Required Power Output for your Sauna Heater

Consider sauna room size, insulation, surfaces, stove type etc. As a general rule of thumb, plan for 1 kW per 1 cubic meter, adding extra capacity for more glass/masonry or a wood-burning stove.

Use this table as a guideline to pick electric HUUM heater output based on room cubic meters:

  • 3.5 kW: 3 to 6 m3
  • 4.5 kW: 3 to 7 m3
  • 6 kW: 5 to 10 m3
  • 9 kW: 8 to 15 m3
  • 10.5 kW: 10 to 17 m3
  • 12 kW: 12 to 25 m3
  • 15 kW: 15 to 30 m3
  • 18 kW: 18 to 35 m3

For wood stoves:

  • 13 kW: 6 to 13 m3
  • 17 kW: 8 to 16 m3

Lean on HUUM’s online sauna calculator for precise sizing advice.

  1. Confirm Electricity Supply Capabilities (electric heaters)

Ensure your fuse box can deliver adequate power for the heater by matching its input. Check if your wiring is 1 or 3 phase.

1 phase limits heaters up to 9 kW (typical for homes). 3 phase supports any output (typical commercially). Upgrade wiring if needed. Consult your electrician.

2. Select Desired Sauna Heater Style

Wall-mounted, freestanding and space-saving upright options available. Compare stone loads, exposed stones, size and aesthetic fit. Manuals have tech specs.

HUUM Sauna Heater Models

3. Choose Smart UKU Controls (electric only)

UKU controllers manage sauna functions via wallpanel or mobile app. Select color and connectivity type - WiFi or Local

We explain sizing, available styles, stone loads, wiring needs and UKU control options. Wood-fired stoves only require step 1.

4. How to Order Your HUUM Sauna Heater

Once you've browsed our range of HUUM heaters simply click add to basket and proceed through to checkout. Once ordered we'll pre-authorise the payment and confirm the model is in stock before debiting your card and processing the order.

If you're unsure which model to purchase please contact our sales team on (844) 933-2021