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Spring Sale on Now | $100 discount with code SPRING100 | Free Shipping Over $1,000

Baltic Cold Plunge Tub | Dundalk Leisurecraft

5 Year Warranty | Canadian Manufactured
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Dive into a refreshing cold experience with the Baltic Cold Plunge Tub by LeisureCraft. Made with precision, this tub is ideal for anyone looking for the rejuvenating effects of cold therapy. You can upgrade the cold tub by either connecting it to our electric chiller or keep the water cold by adding ice. Made from Eastern White Cedar, this tub gets delivered to you fully set up and ready for use. 

The Baltic cold plunge therapy tub, beyond its aesthetic appeal, offers myriad health benefits. Cold therapy is known to boost circulation, improve skin health, and alleviate muscle soreness. Additionally, immersing yourself in cold water after a hot sauna session can help regulate body temperature and enhance relaxation.

Shipped Assembled and ready to use.

Baltic Cold Plunge Tub - Crafted from Canadian Timber by Dundalk LeisureCraft 

Canadian timber, specifically Eastern white cedar, is a choice material for its resistance to decay and insects. When you choose the Baltic plunge tub by Leisurecraft, you invest in quality and longevity. Each piece of wood in this collection is carefully selected, ensuring that your tub not only serves its therapeutic purpose but also stands as a testament to Canadian craftsmanship.

Delving into the craftsmanship, the Baltic plunge tub is made with Eastern white cedar, renowned for its durability and beauty. This Canadian-made cold therapy barrel completes the saunas in the iconic Canadian timber collection. Fully assembled and ready for immediate use, the tub is made with a plastic HDPE liner and stainless steel bands on the outside, ensuring longevity and style.

The Perfect Sauna Companion

While the invigorating experience of a cold plunge is undeniable, pairing it with a sauna session can take your wellness routine to a whole new level. The Baltic Cold Plunge Tub, when combined with Dundalk traditional saunas, offers a harmonious balance. Transitioning from the hot soak of a sauna to the refreshing embrace of the cold plunge enhances hydrotherapy benefits, invigorating the body and mind.

For those seeking a holistic wellness experience, pairing the Baltic plunge tub with one of Dundalk's traditional saunas is the answer. The interplay of hot and cold, sauna and plunge, creates a sanctuary of well-being, elevating your daily routine to an art of living.

Ice vs. Electric Chiller Units

To achieve the desired water temperature in the Baltic plunge tub, users have two options. The tub can be used with one of our electric chiller units or you can keep the water cool by adding ice into the water as needed. The 110 volt cold plunge chillers ensures that the water remains at a therapeutic temperature, enhancing the benefits of cold therapy during your cold plunge experience.

Baltic Plunge Tub Design & Features

Every Baltic cold plunge tub is engineered to perfection. With its robust heavy-duty frame, it ensures hassle-free maneuvering. The built-in circulation pump and ozone filter guarantee clean and safe water for users. Moreover, the tub is designed to seamlessly integrate into any indoor or outdoor setting, making it a perfect addition to your wellness space.

Gross Weight: 108.2
Shipping Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 55


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