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UK Interest in Saunas Surges 166% in 4 years - Secret Saunas

UK Interest in Saunas Surges 166% in 4 years

The UK's fascination with saunas has heated up substantially, with a staggering 166% increase in search volume since April 2020. This upsurge reflects a growing enthusiasm for wellness and relaxation since the covid-19 pandemic with over 19,000 monthly searches.

UK Search Volume for Saunas
Search Volume Data from Ahrefs 

Brighton and Hove Lead the Way

According to recent data, Brighton and Hove are leading the charge, topping the charts for sauna searches in the UK. This spike in interest can be attributed to the establishment of local sauna hubs like Brighton Beach Box, which opened its doors in 2019. This hub has sparked a significant interest in sauna culture, offering a range of experiences to warmth and wellness enthusiasts. Liz Watson, the driving force behind the Brighton Beach Box, notes the business’s success, “Since opening, we’ve served over 15,000 clients and have grown to include 10 dedicated staff members.

Edinburgh’s Sauna Scene

Trailing close behind in the number of searches is Edinburgh, the historic and cultural capital of Scotland. The city has a rich tradition of sauna and wellness facilities, ranging from luxurious spa retreats to intimate and rustic sauna cabins.

In Edinburgh, saunas such as Portobello Sauna and Leith Sauna provide locals and tourists alike with traditional sauna experiences, often coupled with therapeutic treatments. The Royal Edinburgh Spa offers a modern twist on the sauna experience with its state-of-the-art facilities, which include infrared saunas known for their deep tissue benefits.

Google Trends for Saunas in the UK - Secret Saunas

Google Trend Data

The Health Craze Behind the Numbers

The recent growth in sauna interest is not just a fad but part of a wider health craze. Amidst the stress of modern life and the aftermath of the pandemic, individuals across the UK are turning to saunas for their numerous health benefits, including stress reduction, improved cardiovascular health, and enhanced immune function.

The data paints a clear picture: the UK’s enthusiasm for saunas is more than a fleeting interest but rather a lifestyle change that's here to stay. With the spike in searches and the establishment of dedicated sauna spaces, Brits are embracing the heat in search of health and happiness. Brighton and Hove might be leading the pack, but the sauna phenomenon is sweeping across the UK, marking the beginning of a wellness revolution.

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Jasper Knight the Founder of Secret Saunas photographed in an Auroom Sauna in Estonia

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I'm Jasper Knight, the founder of During my travels through Finland and Scandinavia in 2018 I was introduced to the thrilling local ritual of taking daily hot saunas and then cooling off by plunging into the dark icy waters of a frozen lake. This experience was so fulfilling that it felt like an addiction. My desire to return to the forests and lakes of Northern Europe led me to set up Secret Saunas with the mission of bringing that authentic Finnish sauna experiences home.