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The International Sauna Association - Secret Saunas

The International Sauna Association

About the International Sauna Association

Founded in 1958, the International Sauna Association has been a beacon for sauna societies, organizations, and individuals globally. Initially headquartered in Germany, the ISA saw a revival in 1977 in Helsinki, Finland, where it established its long-term office. The association has since welcomed members from across the globe, including its founding members Austria, Germany, Finland, and Japan, alongside 20 other member countries representing the most influential sauna cultures.

The ISA's mission has always been to promote the sauna experience on a worldwide scale, emphasizing the importance of sauna in social history, folklore, medicine, and technology. Through the acceptance of the Definition of Sauna in 1999 and the encouragement of scientific studies, the ISA has played a crucial role in advocating for the benefits of sauna use and gathering comprehensive archives on sauna research and literature.

Member Organizations of the ISA

The ISA's membership is a tapestry of national sauna societies, private individuals, and supporting organizations that share a common goal: to celebrate and spread the outdoor sauna culture. Below is an overview of the ISA's member organizations, highlighting their diversity and the global passion for sauna wellness.

Members Type Name Country
Founding Members Österreichisches Sauna Forum Austria
Deutscher Sauna-Bund e.V. Germany
Japan Sauna Spa Association Japan
Finnish Sauna Society Finland
National Members North American Sauna Society USA
Svenska Bastuakademien Sweden
Det Danske Saunaselskab Denmark
Norges Badstulaug Norway
British Sauna Society United Kingdom
Polish Sauna Society Poland
Supporting Members THERME GROUP RHTG AG Austria
Aromen BVBA Belgium
GEM Co. Ltd KOBE Sauna & Spa Japan
WELLBE Co. Ltd Japan


This table offers a snapshot of the ISA's extensive network, showcasing the global scale of its influence and the diverse cultures it encompasses. Each member organization contributes to the sauna community in unique ways, from advocating for sauna usage and benefits to conducting research and hosting events.

Secret Saunas Acquires - the website formerly belonging to the International Sauna Association (ISA) has now been acquired by As a hub for sauna enthusiasts and professionals alike, Secret Saunas is committed to continuing the legacy of the ISA by providing a platform dedicated to the promotion, education, and community-building around sauna culture worldwide. With an extensive range of home saunas and sauna heaters available, Secret Saunas aims to cater to the needs of every sauna enthusiast.

Below is a snapshot of the original website before it was taken down.

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Jasper Knight the Founder of Secret Saunas photographed in an Auroom Sauna in Estonia

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I'm Jasper Knight, the founder of During my travels through Finland and Scandinavia in 2018 I was introduced to the thrilling local ritual of taking daily hot saunas and then cooling off by plunging into the dark icy waters of a frozen lake. This experience was so fulfilling that it felt like an addiction. My desire to return to the forests and lakes of Northern Europe led me to set up Secret Saunas with the mission of bringing that authentic Finnish sauna experiences home.

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