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Best Sauna Heaters: Wood Burning Stove Vs Electric Sauna Heater - Secret Saunas

Best Sauna Heaters: Wood Burning Stove Vs Electric Sauna Heater

Relaxation and the Art of Choosing a Sauna Heater

Steam and serenity unite seamlessly when you pick the right sauna heater. This guide will explore two leading options: electric sauna heaters and wood-burning stoves. Each brings a distinct flavour to your sauna, from the rustic allure of a wood-burning stove to the practicality and ease of an electric sauna heater. The sauna heater is the heart of the sauna and by dissecting the pros and cons, we aim to equip you with the knowledge needed to make an informed choice

Sauna Room: Electric Sauna Heater Vs. Wood-Burning Stove

Your choice between an electric sauna heater and a wood-burning stove hinges on what you seek from your sauna room. If you're a traditionalist craving the authenticity, the natural warmth of a wood-burning sauna might appeal to you. However, this does require more work, including regular chopping and storing of firewood.

If simplicity is your goal, then an electric sauna heater could be the right choice. These heaters have coils that heat up quickly, offer precise temperature control, and need less upkeep. Your personal tastes and the ambiance you wish to craft will ultimately guide your choice.

Electric Sauna Heaters: Unearthing the Best Sauna Heaters

For a long time Harvia and HUUM have been the two key players when considering electric sauna heaters. Harvia is famous for its durable and efficient electric heaters, while HUUM is known for its stylish and functional designs. Saunum on the other hand is a relatively new company that is pioneering the most advanced sauna heaters on todays market.

Harvia Sauna Heaters: Combining Efficiency and Durability

Harvia, a titan in the sauna industry, provides a range of top-notch electric sauna heaters known for their durability and performance. With a Harvia sauna heater, you can look forward to consistent heat throughout your sauna session. If you're after either an authentic wood-burning stove or electric sauna stove, Harvia offer the perfect solution in a range of different KW sizes.

HUUM: Stylish and Reliable Sauna Heating

HUUM sauna heaters are celebrated for their convenience and reliability. Designed for both aesthetic and energy efficiency, these heaters let you enjoy prolonged sauna sessions in style. HUUM provides peace of mind, whether you need a compact heater for a small sauna or a powerful one for a larger area. They're standard size is usually the 9 kw electric heater.

Saunum: A New Generation of Sauna Heaters

The Saunum Heater is taking the market by storm. Their new state-of-the-art design features a patented airflow technology that allows the best heat distribution on the market. With a range of advanced controls this heater will not leave you disappointed. Sleek, stylish and efficient. In our view this is the best electric sauna heater on the market in 2024.

Saunum wall-mounted heaters allow you to customize your experience using their built-in digital controls. Connect seamless via Wifi to adjust the sauna temperature, airflow and steam to suit your preferences. 

Finlandia: Boosting Your Home Sauna Experience

Finlandia is known for its durable and effective sauna heaters. With their potent heating elements, you can enjoy your sauna session just like the Finns and without delay. Pair the Finlandia sauna heater with sauna stones for a traditional Finnish sauna experience.

Wood-Burning Sauna Stoves: Bringing the Tradition Home

If you're in the market for a wood-burning sauna stove, there are only two real choices. Harvia, or HUUM.

Harvia: The Fusion of Innovation and Tradition

This renowned brand not only offers the most popular electric heaters but also offer an extensive range of wood burning heaters. They bring together the charm of tradition and the practicality of modern technology, curating a unique experience that extends beyond mere relaxation.

Harvia wood burning sauna stoves are revered for their top-tier durability, reliability, and performance. Crafted meticulously to infuse your sauna session with the perfect balance of heat and moisture, these stoves promise an efficient, soul-soothing steam sauna journey.

But Harvia's ingenuity doesn't stop there. With their sturdy construction and thoughtful design, Harvia sauna stoves not only ensure quick and uniform heat distribution but also minimize wood consumption, striking a balance between authenticity, functionality, and sustainability.

Whether you seek the nostalgia of an age-old sauna practice or the consistent warmth that only a Harvia wood-burning stove can offer, your sauna haven is incomplete without this touch of Harvia tradition.

HUUM: Stylish and Reliable Sauna Heating

HUUM wood burning sauna stoves capture the essence of tradition with a modern twist. Renowned for their reliable function and aesthetic appeal, these heaters offer the quintessential sauna experience that users cherish. Designed to balance visual appeal with practical functionality, they allow for immersive, extended sauna sessions steeped in time-honored ritual.

Although the energy efficiency of a wood-burning sauna heater can be influenced by various factors such as the type and dryness of the wood used, the insulation of the sauna, and the local climate conditions, HUUM's design aims to optimize the burning process for effective and efficient heating.

Whether your requirement is a compact heater for a cozy, intimate sauna or a more formidable unit for a larger space, HUUM maintains its promise of reliability. 

Gas Sauna Heaters: Exploring Scandia's Propane Sauna Heaters

If you crave a diversified sauna experience, consider Scandia's propane dry sauna heaters. Fueled by propane, these heaters provide an authentic feel similar to a traditional wood-burning sauna without the need for a constant wood supply and ash cleaning. These are not that common in home saunas but are still a viable option if you don't have an electric source and don't want the hassle of tidying up the cash from a sauna stove

Infrared Sauna: A Unique Approach to Sauna Heating

Infrared sauna heaters heat your body directly using infrared rays, rather than warming the surrounding air. They are designed to emit low levels of electromagnetic radiation, making them safe and efficient. These are less common in outdoor saunas and provide a very different kind of experience.

Sauna Stones: Maximizing the Sauna Experience

Whether you choose a wood-burning or an electric sauna heater, sauna rocks play a crucial role in improving your sauna experience. The quantity of stones needed depends on your sauna stone capacity, usually calculated in cubic feet. These sauna stones allow you to create to ultimate spa experience, using the bucket and ladle to pour water on the sauna stones to produce steam gives you the ultimate heat control.

FAQs: Choosing the Best Sauna Heater

There are several common questions when it comes to selecting the right sauna heater. Concerns like cost, safety, and personal preferences are often raised. This guide delves into these questions to aid you in making an informed choice.

Conclusion: Find the Best Sauna Heater

Having armed you with all the necessary information, you can now make an educated decision on the best heater for your sauna. Whether it's the simplicity of an electric sauna heater or the cozy atmosphere of a wood-burning sauna stove, the key lies in identifying the right option for you. 

Electric sauna heaters require a dedicated electrical circuit and might have higher running costs but require minimal maintenance. Conversely, wood-burning sauna stoves provide an authentic, cozy sauna experience. They require a regular firewood supply and frequent cleaning but are ideal for larger saunas or colder climates. Not all saunas are able to be fitted with wood sauna stoves, so carefully check the compatibility. Most Dundalk Saunas are suitable for wood burners.

Remember to incorporate sauna stones into your setup. They enhance the sauna experience by creating a softer and more evenly distributed heat. Regardless of your choice, the most crucial factor is that you'll enjoy the profoundly relaxing and rejuvenating effects a sauna provides.

Embark on your journey to the perfect sauna experience!

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